Whose Jurisdiction do the gas vapours belong to ?

I have never been able to get a straight answer to this, or be directed to the specific code(s).

It was my understanding that the TSSA was responsible for ensuring that the vapour recovery system and vent pipes were operating correctly. When TSSA jerk # 1 came out to inspect (his own work) he did not have any testing equipment whatsoever. He said that he was relying on his “nose” to judge whether the vent pipes were emitting a normal or abnormal amount of vapours.(October 2018) This was their standard for safe operation !

There are no visible dials or gauges on the vent pipes. There are no filters of any kind. As far as I am aware, the TSSA does not do any air quality testing whatsoever on the gas station property or on adjacent property. So how can they verify whether the amount of gas vapours that are emitted are within acceptable limits ?

At some point the jurisdiction covering this matter was changed. I was told this by the Ministry of the Environment. I requested specific information about what the new code said, but was not given this. Apparently whatever leaves the vent pipes is now an issue for the Ministry of the Environment.

I have been told contradictory information by the Ministry of the Environment about whether they take air quality samples for labs or not. I have been told that they DO have a FLIR camera in their equipment inventory – yet this had been previously denied.

If no goverment entity has taken any air or soil samples, how can they claim that my situation is not a problem ? There has been no attempt of any kind to QUANTIFY the amount of uncombusted gas vapours entering my property. How bad is this problem ? No one can say since there is no data.

Remember, I was told by the TSSA AND Ministry of the Environment representative that I could hire my own Environmental Consultant to gather air quality samples to attempt to establish my position that this was a “problem”. At $ 2200 plus HST per air sample collection and report.

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