What does the Ontario Environmental Protection Act Say ?

There is a lot to wade through. Read it yourself:


” 1(1) In this Act,

“adverse effect”means one or more of,

(a) impairment of the quality of the natural environment for any use that can be made of it,

(b) injury or damage to property or to plant or animal life,

(c) harm or material discomfort to any person,

(d) an adverse effect on the health of any person,

(e) impairment of the safety of any person,

(f) rendering any property or plant or animal life unfit for human use,

(g) loss of enjoyment of normal use of property, and

(h) interference with the normal conduct of business; (“consequence prejudicial”)

Remedial orders

17 Where any person causes or permits the discharge of a contaminant into the natural environment, so that land, water, property, animal life, plant life or human health or safety is injured damaged or endangered, or is likely to be injured, damaged or endangered, the Director may order the person to,

(a) repair the injury or damage;

(b) prevent the injury or damage; or

(c) where the discharge has damaged or endangered or is likely to damage or endanger existing water supplies, provide temporary or permanent water supplies

Why hasn’t my pattern of similar and recurrent reports – THIRTY TWO as of March 29, 2021 – been taken seriously as what is occurring is in obvious violation of the Act ?

Did I mention that I live about three blocks from the river and undeveloped parkland ? The gas station is on the highest elevation. Where does the run off from all the gas drips during a business day go ? Answer: downhill.

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  1. I don’t know where you find all these marvelous vintage photographs, but they really work so well with your posts.


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