What Remedies have been proposed ?

From my contact with the TSSA – the entity responsible for the relocation of the vent pipe – who would never admit that this placement was in VIOLATION of their own code (ie gas vapours entering a building – my house, that the vent location was in near proximity to doors and windows, and that it was affecting people) – the only remedy they suggested was that they could make the vent pipes TALLER.

How would a taller vent pipe mitigate any of the issues, since the real issue was that it was placed far too close to a residential property, and there was no traffic motion to dissipate the vapours ?

A different guy at the Ministry of the Environment suggested that maybe the tanker fills could be scheduled to occur at times that I wasn’t home ?

But what was my SOIL supposed to do ? Are my cats going to get jobs so we are all out of the house at the same time ?

A different guy from the Ministry of the Environment told me that I could contact the Ontario Ombudsman to address the TSSA’s poor vent placement. When I contacted the Office of the Ombudsman to inquire how to do this, I was told that they had no jurisdiction over the TSSA ! The TSSA has their own ombudsman. Why wouldn’t the guy from the MOE know this ?


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