WHO do I report Gas Vapour Infiltrations to now ?

If the Pollution Spill Action Center won’t take my reports – except afterhours – and the London Ministry of the Environment doesn’t have anyone answering the phones at 4:00 p.m. on a weekday – who takes the report ?

My experience thus far has been that my reports have resulted in zero action. Like I am phoning a toll free number, talking to one of several people who are the same since I started calling, my report gets taken and I am issued an ID #. Then what ? Straight into the garbage can ?

On the next weekday, I tried calling the Ministry of the Environment’s toll free number, the general one. The recorded menu didn’t address what I was calling about, so I went in circles a couple of times. I pressed one option – which connected me to the Pollution Spill Action Center – who told me not to call ! I tried reception – and spoke to an angry sounding woman who would not even let me finish telling her about WHY I was calling, that I needed information about who I was supposed to speak to. She told me to hang up and press “2”. I did – then this led me back in circles. I had to hang up, then I called back and tried to connect with reception, then the line kept automatically disconnecting me !

Finally I went to the Government website and filled out their “Contact Us” form with my questions about who I was supposed to contact ?

Maybe 10 days or two weeks later I received an email from the new guy at the London office at MOE. The same guy who had visited my property, who said he would schedule a time to witness a fill – then never did.

He told me that I should report any new gas infiltrations to him.

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  1. Not perfectly related, but I was in a similar Cycle of Nowhere yesterday related to our health insurance and a subcontractor of our insurer. I can totally relate to being stuck in an endless whorl of automated menus with no “other” option, bad AI and actual people not having a clue where to direct me.


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