Report Number 40, Gas Infiltration

(Painting by Hugo Simberg, 1896)

March 7, 2022 is the date I made my 40th report about uncombusted gas vapours discharged during a tanker fill.

The truck pulled up around 4:40 p.m.. Within 15 minutes I started smelling gas odours in my house. As it is March, in Canada, all my doors and windows were closed. There was a west and northwest wind blowing.

I walked around the house, sniffing. I could smell it in every room.

The driver is the same driver who has been the culprit for many deliveries done without using the vapour control system. I guess he has been given a talking to, as he now attaches the hose with all fills – AT THIS LOCATION.

Visible vapours were coming out of the vent pipes.

Business as usual.

Reply (March 9, 2022)from the Ministry of the Environment representative I have been dealing with (excerpt):

“I do try to continue to try to inspect fueling operations at Mobile (sic), but it has proven quite difficult as they often fall outside my work hours. With that being said, staff are to return to the office in April and attending the fillings should be much more manageable then.”

To observe a fill he must be present OUTSIDE. He does not have to be in the office. Fills are happening with some regularity between 2- 4:30 p.m. or so on a weekday and a Saturday. I first dealt with this representative in person in October 2020. In seventeen months he has not been able to schedule a time to observe a fill ?

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