More Artistry

A couple of weeks ago I heard more tool sounds. When I looked out the window upstairs, this is what I witnessed: the giant dumpster gate was being cut in half, with a reciprocating saw. This was being done by the incompetent guy who built it. As per usual, this work took a couple of days on and off.

He didn’t seem to have the right hardware or something, as for a day or so the dumpster was completely inaccessible, with it being boarded shut:

Tool sounds resumed. After many laborious hours this is what was done:

Because he hadn’t bought the right type of hinge he just bashed them to fit around the corner !

In the following week, there was a windstorm, with gusts 60 km/hr or more. The strong wind ripped a couple of the black hinges right out of the wood as the door blew open. It hung sadly for a day, then the same guy came back and replaced the broken hinge – this time with a hinge with an appropriate configuration, so he didn’t have to batter it around the corner. The bolts aren’t set securely, so I’m sure he’ll be back soon for more “fixing”.

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