Actually Painting the House

The painting company that rented the lift has many pictures taken from high above, while the owners cheerfully work on current projects. I’m sure the lift feels like a step stool to them. It did not feel this way to me.

Between the agonizing color angst – my mistakes and bad judgement for the world to see – the heat and the heights – this was an intensely stressful experience. The actual application of paint was of minimal concern – I knew I had the skill to put it in the right places. But what if it looked ugly ?

I finally made peace with my decisions, and worked out a combination that I felt that I could live with, without shame. Even into the last weekend I gnawed through more what-ifs about the colors on the decorative shingles. I spent a few more hours with my paint chips and found myself choosing the dreaded tasteful taupes and beiges, the worst ones. If I added this and removed the Abingdon Putty then I would have to move more colors around to make it work. I couldn’t stand it.

Colors actually used(all Benjamin Moore):

Essex Green
Dill Pickle
Abingdon Putty
Nantucket Grey

Plus my “Custom Green” mixed from the former wall color, and black which is Black. 7 Paint colors not including the door. I have been ruminating about changing the door color for awhile. Oh – and the porch ceiling is painted “Georgian Brick” – you just can’t tell from these photos. 9 colors ?

My photos are taken on an overcast day, so it’s a little hard to tell that both the long and short bars are made like pyramids. I thought the light colors would show the planes to their best advantage. The square blocks are like suns, with radiating lines from a center circle. I feel real gloom about the climate emergency, so thought it would be appropriate that they are kind of a sickly green (“Sesame”) versus a cheerful yellow. For a spell they had been red, like from the severe forest fires from this summer, but I didn’t love that with the roof.

The north side of the house that faces the gas station has some access issues, including an overhead wire, so I am hiring the painting company to do that. They are booked into next year, but I am optimistic this will happen. I just don’t have it in me to attempt to learn my way around serious hazards, at a height.

I looked through my files and found some images which justify my color choices, as if I need to ?

1850’s women’s fancy boots
1911 catalogue for a violet wand quack device
Mystery 1950’s children’s book

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