Garden Questions for Health Canada

“Dear Health Canada,

Do you have any information about the effect of airborne pollutants on food grown in home gardens ?

I live in proximity to a gas station. The vent pipes are 4′ from my residential property. There are tanker fills at least twice a week, to fill the underground gas storage tanks. A large volume of excess uncombusted gasoline vapours are discharged from the vent pipes, and blown onto my property, depending on the wind direction.

If I grow vegetables or fruit on my property, is it safe to eat ?

Do you have any information on the distance a garden should be from these vent pipes to ensure the produce is not contaminated ? Are my neighbour’s fruit, berries and vegetables safe to eat ?

Gasoline vapours contain many harmful chemicals, including benzene.

Thanks !


I have attached a photo of my property. The vent pipes are the the three pipes to the left of the photo. “

(Emailed July 12, 2022)

Health Canada’s reply (July 12, 2022)

“Thank you for contacting Health Canada.

Your recent inquiry has been redirected to the appropriate area for a response.”

As of July 31, 2022, I have received no further information from Health Canada regarding this matter…

Photograph that was attached to my email inquiry.

If Health Canada doesn’t know, or WON’T SAY, who should I ask ?

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