Flower Deformity

In the last 2 years I have noticed that several of the plants and flowers in the backyard have unusual deformities – extra petals, misplaced petals, extra or missing petal fragments.

Yet I never saw this when some of these same plants were planted in the front ?

Dr. Google has plenty of photos of insect and virus damage – which does not look similar at all.

What could be causing this ?

Extra petals and a single stunted petal
Missing petal and stunted petal
Misplaced petal
Misplaced petal, same type, different cluster
Incompletely divided hosta leaf with double stems
Strange little shark fin on bearded iris
It looks like a torn leaf but this has two stems. One almost normal leaf, then another long skinny leaf joined to the almost normal leaf. A different plant and variety from the one above.
Misplaced petal

Siamese twin petal

Underside of siamese twin petal, completely fused

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