I discovered that if I couldn’t see the ugly gas station canopy, that I felt less angry about it.

Before I had the house, I bought a damaged set of stained glass windows from the Hamilton area, with some sort of Cinderella hope. They didn’t physically fit any of the window openings here, so I had them cut down. The cobalt glass centers are wheel ground flash glass. They’re nothing fancy but pleasant enough. The windows aren’t a perfect fit for the clear centers of the Queen Anne style windows – but under the circumstances were GOOD ENOUGH. I could walk by the former bedroom with the door open and think pleasant thoughts about the windows and not what lay beyond.

After abandoning all hope of ever finding a good pair of windows for the dining room – one day on Kijiji there was one great window. I contacted the seller – and it turned out he had a matched pair. The second window was priced very low because the frame was a little shaky. I didn’t care !

While the height could have been taller, the width and orientation was good. Installing these was a great improvement. Oddly, the windows had come from a house a 10 minute walk away from my former house. I couldn’t escape my old neighbourhood.

These windows are probably 20 years too old for my 1898 house. I loved the Victorian crazy quilt pattern, with the textured glass and rondels. The handpainted birds were more Folk Art than fine art.

There was the judgemental bird, identified by a birder as an English Kingfisher:

And the anxious, slightly insane bird. This was thought to be a European Goldfinch:

(For those who don’t wear make-up: concealer is a skin toned creme that is meant to cover up undereye circles, pimples, blotches and bruises.)

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