I Contacted the Ministry of Transportation

(Image by Jean Michel Basqiat)

When the tanker does a delivery, it drives down back streets. The way the gas station is laid out necessitates this direction of arrival, as the tanker has to park at an angle, on a small slope, through a pump bay. The controls for the tanker fill, hose storage, etc. are located on the right side of the truck. To me this suggests that the lot is poorly laid out and/or too small by modern standards. I have also observed that people parking near the tire compressor have been asked to move their vehicles for a fill.

But I wondered – this route from the closest branded station – is through a completely RESIDENTIAL neighbourhood. It passes by two schools. This area was mapped and developed in the late 1800’s, so these streets, with modest houses, are narrower than a major thoroughfare.

If there was a spill or fire with the tanker en route, this could have a major, deadly outcome.

I had no clue about the regulations surrounding this. I looked online but I couldn’t find specific information.

I contacted the Ministry of Transportation with some questions. I submitted this via a form, after being sent in a circle by some broken links. My inquiry was acknowledged with an auto response – then my inquiry was never answered !

Is this safe ? It would take the tanker driver about 5 extra minutes to drive on the major roads, vs the narrow back streets. There are businesses and residences on these streets, but the roads are 4 lanes wide, not two. And there are no schools in the immediate vicinity.

Why wasn’t my inquiry answered ?

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