Cat Illness Timeline

Gas Station opened after renovation: July 1, 2018

First report of Gas Vapour Infiltration, from a fill done with no vapour recovery system: Aug. 2018

Honky, sick with oral ulcers and eye irritation : Mid July 2018 – Feb. 2019

Birdy, acutely ill with sudden kidney and liver failure Dec.3, 2018, euthanized : Dec. 6, 2018

Brutus, sudden onset of acute liver failure, recovered after 6 weeks of medication: Feb. – March, 2019

Grey Guy, sudden onset of acute plueral effusion, euthanized : May 6, 2019

Rumpy, very unusual presentation and bloodwork, Acute Kidney Failure, diagnosed in Aug. 2019, euthanized Oct. 22, 2019

Brutus, sudden onset of symptoms, diagnosed with Hyperaldosteronism May, 2020

There are three cats in the household who have not presented with illness to date.

Brutus had chronic health conditions, unrelated to liver failure and Hyperaldosteronism.

None of the other cats had prior health conditions.

All of these cats are fixed and vaccinated.

Two of these cats might be related by a second generation.

All of these cats are fed a commercial diet.

None of these conditions are communicable.

Since the gas station opened, 5 out of 8 cats have been acutely ill, one of them twice (Brutus).

The first cat (Honky)became ill within weeks of the renovated station opening, now with the new vent location in close proximity to my house.

Three of these cats were euthanized within a 10 month period, starting at 5 months after the station opened.

Brutus has been acutely ill twice.

Statistically, are these illnesses – in context of the large amount of uncombusted gasoline vapours released from the vents 4 feet from the property line – a coincidence ?

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