Speaking With Property Appraisers

(Image : 550 Hamilton Road, where the Crouch Public Library now stands. This house has an identical front porch to mine, which I haven’t seen elsewhere)

A couple of the realtors I had spoken with had been very helpful, and recommended property appraisers.

I contacted those ones, and others I found online.

I discovered that since my property was zoned residential and commercial, that a residential appraiser could not do the appraisal. An appraisal of a residential/commercial property was more complicated and expensive.

I also learned that if I needed the appraisal for a legal purpose, that it should be done on the advice of my lawyer which I suppose has specific areas of relevancy vs my general curiosity. An appraisal has a shelf life, so an appraisal done in March, 2019 would not be very useful by December, 2020. Also news to me.

My biggest question was whether the gas station vents had devalued my property to land value only ?

No one could answer this question. One guy said he would speak with a senior colleague – and actually did – and called me back several days later. No one I spoke with had any experience dealing with a residential property that was negatively affected by a commercial neighbour’s actions in this capacity.

Again, there was no simple answer or real estate algebra that could answer my questions.

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