January 2018 – Next Door: Disappearing Car Lot ?

One day I walked by the car lot next door and noticed a sign that they were moving to a new location.

I was under the weather with something, so I didn’t pop in. I was shocked when the contents of the car lot, including all the mechanics garage equipment, and a lot full of cars were just gone, within the week. I had assumed their move would happen in a couple of months.

I had gotten along okay with the guys next door, and felt there was some mutual respect – that we both kept an eye out for the normal goings on. I felt concerned about their sudden absence. The station looked bleak emptied out. They left the lights on to show there was nothing to steal, I guess ?


There’s my house in the background, overlooking those vintage chrome pumps, and the sea of asphalt. The used car lot had been there since the early 80’s. Now what ?


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