Finishing the Powderoom

That little room ate up so many hours.

The ceiling and all the walls had new drywall. Fresh primer and paint. I had some color angst but finally settled on Benjamin Moore’s “Castelton Mist” HC-1 – sort of a toned down chartreuse, with “Nantucket Grey” HC-111 trim.

There was new antique trim around the door.

The pipes in the corner got boxed in.

A ceramic tile floor was applied, properly.

Antique baseboards and quarter round went on.

The toilet returned.

The antique marble sink, with the chrome deco stand (a Kijiji score – $ 30.00 !!!) was installed. The antique taps were fine.

The heat was connected. A reproduction cast iron vent I bought for something else turned out to fit.

Honestly, it seemed like a miracle. A very labour intensive miracle.


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