Nightmare Apartment – Sold !

Just after the hearing at the Landlord/Tenant Board, a building inspection was scheduled by the prospective buyer. I was expecting them – but imagine my shock when I opened my door and that creepster landlord was standing there with them !

He had told a whopping lie about being at the airport, just to not appear at the Landlord/Tenant Board. I think the hearing was on a Thursday, and this was Sunday. He didn’t even bother to have a fake tan or a t-shirt with Egypt printed on it or anything. What a baby !

While the inspector (actually the prospective owner) was looking over the apartment, and asking me questions, the landlord kept physically getting in the way, and talking over me. I was so angry, but tried to keep my cool. There really weren’t serious issues with the apartment. It was old, and needed some repairs and maintenance. The lack of smoke detectors, unsafe fire escape, lack of fire blocking, poor lighting and confused wiring were all fixable issues, that were the responsibility of a reasonable landlord. The biggest problem I had experienced was the owner.

After they left, I was shaking with anger, so I called a friend. As I was talking to her on the phone, someone started knocking on my door. I assumed it was the nightmare owner. No way was I going to open the door ! Instead, it was a woman’s voice, speaking to me. This was the realtor, for the buyer, who had witnessed the entire inspection situation. She asked to come in, to speak with me.

I felt very uncomfortable. On one hand, I really didn’t want to mess up the sale. I wanted that owner GONE, ASAP ! On the other hand, I could not keep my silence about the unethical person I had been dealing with. I tried to emphasize that the building needed some work, but the location was good, and that this was a desireable and convenient location. I tried to gently suggest that they should verify all the measurements, as I did not think that these apartments were as big as advertised, and that I had just gone through a hearing at the Landlord/Tenant Board…

That buyer bought it, for $ 100,000 under asking*. Remember, my asshole landlord was a realtor, who is supposed to be a professional, who knows how to buy and sell property. His knowing misrepresentation of his property was a violation of his realtor’s code of conduct. Shameful.

* This was truly remarkable in a market like Toronto’s. The asking price was not out of line, and would have been a steal, if the building had been accurately described. I guess the landlord was measuring in “internet inches”, wishfully.

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