Nightmare Apartment Electrical

The outlet in my bedroom wasn’t working, so this is what the landlord’s cousin, allegedly an electrician, did to fix the problem. Yes, that is exposed electrical conduit, run from the fuse panel in my hall, over the doorway to the living room, through the wall to the bedroom,  down the baseboard to the outlet.

I was shocked when I began receiving $ 300.00 Hydro bills. I had always been frugal, turned off lights, and didn’t have a space heater. There was nothing that could explain these whopping bills. I asked the landlord but he shrugged it off and said his Hydro bill was really expensive, too.

When the woman who rented the storefront was doing her renovations before she opened her salon, she discovered that my electrical outlets in the kitchen were running off her system, which was supposed to be independent. I had a friend change a couple of light fixtures for me, which is how I discovered that the light in the stairwell and over the front door was from my box. I called Hydro numerous times, until I finally spoke with a helpful representative. Then I discovered that not only was I paying for an electric water heater (NOT in the lease) but I was also paying for the upstairs apartment’s water heater, too ! AND the rates for these were charged at a higher flat rate, based on a family of four living in a house, because an electrical meter had never been installed.

It was somewhere around this period where I realized that I had to make a formal complaint to the Landlord/Tenant Board. Hydro would not supply and written documentation, so I paid an electrician to write a professional letter explaining the situation. And later I paid the same electrician to install a meter, as the landlord refused to. After the meter was installed, my Hydro bill was about $ 50.00.



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